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Each Church and ministry has its own unique challenges and requirements. Whatever stage you are at and whatever barriers you are facing, there is always a way forward

Mission & Pioneering

Planting a new church or pioneering a new missional work can be one of the most rewarding things you can do to advance the Kingdom of God. It can also be one of the most challenging. However, there is help as you work to fulfil God’s call on your life for your community. 
Whether you are planting a new worshiping community or working within existing structures and services, our tailed support will help you discuss your specific needs and identify a support package.
Rev Hayley will work with you and your church leadership team to:
  • Reflect
  • Imagine
  • Explore 
Guiding you and your leadership team for at least three sessions where we will:
  1. Work through a structured framework to reflect your context and challenges​
  2. Develop realistic and measurable strategies that will equip your church for the next stage of its ministry​
  3. Create a clear action action plan after a session with you and your leadership of what you will need to do as next steps.  I will support you through this via phone and skype/zoom accountability meetings
Rev Hayley can also support you and your church through a mission or pioneering opportunity by offering teaching and training on:
  • Mission Spirituality 
  • Missional Leadership
  • Mission Ecclesiology 
  • Discipling different generations 
  • Multiplying Ministries 
  • Developing Leaders
  • All-Age Worship and leadership

Church Growth

Each Church and ministry has its own unique challenges and requirements.  Whatever stage you are at and whatever barriers you are facing, I am here to help.

Rev Hayley will work with you and your church leadership team to develop a growth plan of how you can reach out to all generations with the Good News of Jesus Christ.​

Growth is a gradual process, like a journey, and will often involve transformation in the way things are done or in culture. 

Hayley will encourage church leaders to engage teams of at least three people who will work with them on this journey of growth.

There are two ways she can work with your church either on a number of sessions resulting in a personalised growth plan or with all day teaching / training. 

Offering tailored sessions for your church and leadership team giving considered advice for your situation. 


Areas covered in sessions or teaching/training days are:

  • Vision and Strategy 

  • Planning for the Future

  • Organisation Process

  • Team Work

  • Communication (within the church and to the community)

  • Reclaiming Sundays

  • Equipping congregations for Frontline Ministry 

  • Managing Change

  • Engaging Millennials / Young Adults in church and leadership

  • Ministry and Leadership Support


Ministry Support

Ministry is challenging and within the joys of leading a church there can be times when you need support to overcome barriers. 
Rev Hayley can work with individuals to support your ministry and offer you clear, considered, personal advice for your situation.
Working with you on:
  • Personal devotional life and accountability 
  • Communication
  • Managing Change
  • Support at times of burn-out


Rev Hayley can support you in various contexts: it maybe that you would like a one-off teaching session or a church weekend away.

Coaching or Training on an area of church growth, digital mission or something else, as a one off.

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